Balancing your body's physical, emotional and spiritual needs can be a challenge. Yoga provides a unique opportunity to energise your life by bringing together these three elements.


Our classes feature curated playlists designed specifically to support your practice.Under slow, keep the before contact.We use sophisticated sequencing to increase strength and flexibility while releasing stress and fatigue.


Our classes feature slow and meditative music designed specifically to support your practice.


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A wonderful choice if you are looking for a unique yoga experience at any level! I myself am a beginner, but Meher was able to move slowly enough to accommodate for my level. Meher is very friendly and patient, and she did a great job explaining the significance of proper breathing and proper pose practice. Her studio is a nice, calming environment with everything you need for a great yoga experience. I will be back for sure. Highly recommend!

Ian Dugal

One of a kind yoga studio in Delhi with state of the art learning and yoga training facilities. Meher is a wonderful teacher , always helping and pushing the yoga enthusiasts to their best potential. A must try for great yoga sessions by an experienced and certified Yoga practitioner.

Shival Khanna

Meher is an exceptionally good yoga trainer , love the way she makes efforts to understand ones needs and helps the achieve best results and an improved mind and body 💕💕

Karishma Khandelvwal

A great yoga studio that helps you achieve peace of mind along with good health!

Pooja Bhayana

Devika Kaur

Divya Kehr

Harpreet Kapoor

Namisha Munjal